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At Progress, our dedicated Sports Massage Cambridge Clinic gives patients with sport related injuries access to specialist sports massage therapists. The clinic provides gentle massage which can improve circulation and range of movement, and relieve muscular tension.

What is sports massage?
Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that helps to loosen tight muscles and break down adhesions in muscle fibres. It can form part of your training in connection with a warm up or a cool down.

Our Sports Massage Cambridge Team can help to:

  • prevent injuries
  • maintain the function of muscles
  • recovery from intense training 

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage can:

  • stretch and loosen muscles
  • improve blood flow
  • improve movement of lymph and oxygen throughout the body
  • help to restore function to injured “soft tissues” (muscles, tendons and ligaments)
  • remove metabolic waste resulting from exercise and inactivity
  • reduce pain
  • reduce scar tissue
  • assist in mental preparation for sporting participation
  • reduce anxiety and increase your well-being

Sports massage can aid your recovery from injuries and may be used in conjunction with treatments offered by our Cambridge physiotherapy team.

Sports massage can benefit the following body areas:

  • neck and shoulders
  • back
  • legs
  • arms and hands
  • full body 

If you want a specific muscle or area worked on, please discuss with your therapist.

What should I do next if I want a Sport Massage at Progress?

For self-pay treatments, simply call us on 01223 200580 to request a guide price or to discuss your personal situation. We accept self-referrals without the need to visit your GP.