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Progress, the Cambridge Centre for Health and Performance are able to conduct highly specialised Display Screen Equipment (DSE) and ergonomic assessments in the comfort of your workplace. If you or your employees are suffering from any work related musculoskeletal problems it is highly likely that the ergonomics and DSE are not appropriately set up for that individual.

The Display Screen Equipment (D.S.E.) Regulations (1992), state that every employer shall perform a suitable and efficient analysis of workstations to assess risks to which those persons using them are exposed.

What is an ergonomic workstation assessment?

An ergonomic workstation assessment involves a detailed assessment of an individual’s work environment including their computer, keyboard and mouse, desk and chair. The assessment will identify the demands placed on using their DSE and will look for certain risk factors which may potentially lead to future health problems, or be causing current health problems leading to reduced productivity or time off work.

Key Risk Factors

  • Posture, particularly awkward or prolonged static postures
  • Suitability of work area for the demands of the user
  • Suitability of the equipment for the user and the tasks they need to perform
  • Repetitive tasks
  • Stress
  • Work technique e.g. typing technique
  • Low levels of physical activity and fitness

Why consider an independent assessment?

An expert assessment is generally recommended for people experiencing ongoing, complex ergonomic and DSE problems which are leading to musculoskeletal complaints. The assessment will help to solve these issues more speedily preventing reduced productivity and time off work.

Our ergonomics experts are also Chartered Physiotherapists who are more adept at being able to ascertain why certain musculoskeletal complaints are occurring related to their workstation and their DSE set up.

An expert independent ergonomic assessment is useful to help when there are time constraints on employers carrying out assessments. It is also useful to consider where there may be a dispute between an employee and their employer to analyse problems from an independent and objective perspective.

Key benefits of an ergonomic workstation assessment

  • Helps to identify risks early before they develop into more serious problems
  • Protects staff-your key assets, and helps to boost productivity and morale
  • Empowers the user to take responsibility for their work environment and educates them about health and lifestyle
  • Provides robust documentation to assist in audit and a clear record should any legal dispute arise - key fact; RSI costs employers almost £300 million per year in lost working time, sick pay and administration. An estimated 3.5 million working days were lost in 2006-07 due to RSI, with each person affected taking over 13 days off sick (Source: Health & Safety Executive (HSE) 2006/7)
  • Prevents time off work due to musculoskeletal conditions - key fact; In 1998, back pain alone cost the economy an estimated £12 billion. (Source: British Pain Society pain Survey 2005 & Pain 2000)

Our service

  • A bespoke ergonomics service with a detailed report and recommendations
  • Key problems identified will be dealt with if possible on site; e.g. adjusting chairs, keyboard and mouse position
  • Solutions not possible at the time of assessment will be recommended in the report such as, ergonomic equipment or a new chair with an example list of the products required and cost estimates (if requested)
  • Photograph ‘before’ and ‘after’ changes made by the assessment incorporated into the report
  • A follow-up telephone service after two weeks