Triathlon Specialist Physiotherapy

Want to get a head start for next season or address long term injury niggles?

With a personal triathlon biomechanics profile we can help you improve your:

  • Streamline position in the water and on the bike
  • Running technique and efficiency
  • Triathlon performance
  • And prevent injuries

Come and see our triathlon specialist physiotherapist at Progress,
part of Spire Cambridge Lea Hospital.

Whether you are an elite triathlete, wannabe Ironman or complete novice, at Progress we can help you improve your technical triathlon performance
and prevent injury.

The profile will include assessment of important aspects of flexibility and stability required for a triathlon including streamline position for swimming, core stability and flexibility for the bike and running biomechanics control.

Triathlon biomechanics personal profiles are led by our highly experienced specialist sports physiotherapist Lauren Bradshaw, a GB age group triathlete and Ironwoman. With 10 years’ experience working in sport and a personal knowledge of the demands triathlon training puts on the body, Lauren has a good understanding of what you need to succeed.

The outcome of your profile will be discussed with you. You will be provided with a personalised exercise programme to address areas highlighted in the
assessment which require improvement in order to aid performance and help prevent injuries.

Any current or chronic injuries and their management will also be discussed as part of the assessment.

The cost of the Triathlon biomechanics profile is £99 (1.5 hours). If you would like to book please call 01223 200 580.