The Team at Progress

The Progress team comprises of Professor Cathy Speed, expert in Rheumatology and Sports and Exercise medicine, Specialist Physiotherapists and Podiatrists specialising in lower limb Biomechanics and Gait Analysis. The team will put together tailormade exercise and rehabilitation programmes to suit your needs and whether you are experiencing pain, recovering from a sprain or pulled hamstring or recovering from surgery, the Progress team are dedicated and committed to get you back to your optimum fitness.

Professor Cathy Speed BMedSci, BMBS, MA, Dip Sports Med, PhD, FRCP, FFSEM (I)(UK), is a Consultant in Rheumatology, Sport and Exercise Medicine. She has specialist expertise in common musculoskeletal problems, arthritis, exercise physiology and sports medicine and is involved with teaching and research in these areas. Professor Speed is also a Senior Consultant Sports Physician to the English Institute of Sport, providing care for our nation’s leading athletes from a wide spectrum of sports, and medical officer to a number of sporting organisations. She is Chief Medical Officer to GB Badminton and GB Shooting, and to Middlesex County Cricket Club at the Lords Ground, London.

View Professor Speed’s profile Physiotherapists at Progess have an interest in sports injuries and arthritis care and provide optimal approaches to efficient rehabilitation. They aim to help with injury management and prevention, and recovery from training.

Our Physiotherapists

Cristopher Kellett - Physiotherapy Manager
Cris is particularly interested in movement dysfunction, and how this contributes to injury.
Lauren Bradshaw
Lauren Bradshaw – Specialist Sports Physiotherapist
Caroline Clarke
Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist, specialising in Pilates classes and post-operative orthopaedic rehabilitation
Apurva Murthy
Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist, specialising in Pilates, Acupuncture & work station assessment
Sarah Upjohn
Musculoskeletal physiotherapy, Performing Arts Medicine, Neurological rehabilitation
Tom Quantrell
Specialist Physiotherapist, paediatric and adolescent
musculoskeletal disorders and hypermobility

James Noble
Specialist Physiotherapist

Kathryn Levy
Women's Health and Postnatal Specialist Physiotherapist

Hannah Crighton
Massage Therapist

Matt Matcham
Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kate John
Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Biomechanics/Gait analysis experts at Progress
evaluate the mechanical factors in the feet and elsewhere that can cause an injury or exacerbate a pre-existing condition.