Commonwealth Games athlete has injury treated at Progress

Jenny Corish, current British champion and international rifle shooter for GB and Wales visits Progress.

Jenny initially came to see me regarding lower back pain which she had been recurring for some two years on and off. It had recently been exacerbated by some shooting practice whilst lying in the prone position(lying on your front). A thorough history taking an examination discovered the Jenny was quite stiff in her lower thoracic and upper lumbar region, a place where a considerable amount of flexibility is required for the shooting position in lying. It was also found that Jenny had some weaknesses in her spinal core control and hip strength.

Therefore, a tailored rehabilitation was prescribed for Jenny to help improve her lumbar/lower thoracic flexibility and address her core control and hip weakness. Manual therapy comprising of joint mobilisations and soft tissue techniques were applied to stiff joint segments and tight muscles to help further improve her flexibility and help reduce pain.

After only two session of physiotherapy, (and lots of hard work performing the exercises by Jenny!), I am pleased to say that her back pain is resolved and she is back to normal shooting without any problems.
Ed McHugh

As an elite level athlete, top class medical care is of paramount importance to my potential success. It’s one of the performance support elements that can make the difference to my chances of winning a medal at any major event like the Commonwealth Games. The Sport Wales Institute together with the Progress Centre at Spire Healthcare have helped me enormously in this regard and I am very grateful to their practitioners and experts.
Jenny Corish