Exercise Prescription

Professor Cathy Speed holds an Exercise Prescription clinic at Progress that addresses a variety of needs.

At Progress we will build you a tailored Exercise Prescription programme to fit your individual circumstances. Whether your aim is to participate in elite sport, enjoy leisure activities or improve your general health.

Our aim is to perfect your performance by building on your core strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, agility and control.

The team at Progress will guide you through your Exercise Prescription programme from start to finish.

Areas covered in this service include:

  • Assessment of you and your needs.
  • Exercise and fitness testing to establish a baseline.
  • Goal setting for a customised programme
  • The 'prescription' is written and the programme begins
  • Supervision of the programme on an ongoing basis?.

Are you suitable?

  • Should you have medical problems such as, though not limitied to, arthritis, osteoporosis, heart and lung problems, high blood pressure, overweight,.
  • Those who simply want to get fit
  • Those who have overtraining syndromes
  • Those who want to fine tune their performance for their sport